Philip Morris Ljubljana

Philip Morris Ljubljana d.o.o. is the Slovenian affiliate of the leading international tobacco company Philip Morris International (PMI), with a diverse workforce of around 71,000 people who hail from every corner of the globe. We have 39 production facilities worldwide and our products are sold in over 175 markets. Philip Morris Ljubljana d.o.o. is present at the Slovenian market since 1991. At PMI, we’ve chosen to do something incredible. We’re totally transforming our business and building our future on one clear purpose – to deliver a smoke-free future.

Inclusion and diversity are fundamental for our business success. An inclusive workplace allows us to attract and retain a diverse community of employees, who are at the heart of our growth and innovation.

What do you expect from new employees?

We are customer focused by keep our customer at the core in our everyday work. By recognizing the needs of our customers, act ahead of events and do what it takes to deliver on our promises. We work and operate in an inclusive work environment, providing all our employees’ their space to deliver and show us their best. PMI cherishes creative ideas and disruptive innovators with a drive to improve existing processes and reduce complexity in our actions. From our new employees we expect to be open minded, ready to learn, agile, adaptable, passionate, proactive, responsible, and not afraid of changes and plenty of opportunities that they will have at PMI.

What are you offering to new employees?

PMI is a place where you will never stop exploring and learning. We encourage individuals to speak up from day one and take an active role in their development and in the transformation of our company. We offer our employees plenty of opportunities for personal and professional growth and development within and outside of Slovenia. We pay great attention to creating and maintaining a culture of inclusiveness and diversity, based on equal opportunities, fairness and respect to everyone.

Open job offers

Philip Morris Ljubljana d.o.o. has no available vacancies at the moment. However, from time to time we are looking for talents in our organization. Therefore, feel free to keep an eye open on our career pages and join our Talent community.



E-mail: your.career@pmi.com


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